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The Anti-Pelagian Works


Pages: 651

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Ebook: N/A

Introducing St. Augustine's Anti-Pelagian Works

Embark on a journey into the intellectual battles of early Christianity with this extraordinary compilation of St. Augustine's Anti-Pelagian works. Originally part of the esteemed Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers series edited by Philip Schaff, this collection brings together Augustine's powerful and insightful writings as he confronts the Pelagian heresy that threatened the foundations of the faith. Included in this volume are: On Merits and the Forgiveness of Sins, and on Infant Baptism, On the Spirit and the Letter, On Nature and Grace, On Man's Perfection in Righteousness, On the Proceedings of Pelagius, On the Grace of Christ, and on Original Sin, On Marriage and Concupiscence, On the Soul and its Origin, Against Two Letters of the Pelagians, on Grace and Free Will, On Rebuke and Grace, On the Predestination of the Saints and the Gift of Perseverance

Within these pages, you will encounter Augustine at his most profound and persuasive as he refutes the Pelagian teachings and defends the core doctrines of Christianity. Through meticulous analysis and compelling argumentation, Augustine dismantles the erroneous claims regarding human nature, grace, original sin, and salvation put forth by the Pelagians.

With razor-sharp intellect and profound theological depth, Augustine presents a robust defense of the centrality of God's grace in the salvation of humanity. He addresses the complexities of free will, divine predestination, and the moral implications of our fallen nature. Through his writings, Augustine invites readers into a profound exploration of the mysteries of God's redemptive work.

This compilation not only showcases Augustine's theological brilliance but also highlights the historical significance of his engagement with the Pelagian controversy. His profound insights and logical precision laid the groundwork for centuries of theological thought and shaped the development of Christian doctrine.

Prepare to be captivated by Augustine's intellectual prowess, his passionate defense of the Gospel, and his unwavering commitment to the grace of God. Dive into this remarkable compilation and immerse yourself in the profound theological reflections of St. Augustine's Anti-Pelagian Works, a timeless treasure for seekers of truth and defenders of the Christian faith.

This manuscript is not a facsimile print, but a retypesetting by Le Nouvel Esprit to present to the reader a book that is beautiful to look at and read. So you don’t have to worry about whether this volume is a reprint of some shoddy .pdf scan for we understand the importance of how a book looks and feels as it is read.

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