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Welcome to the Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast! We plan publish new episodes every two weeks. Topics will cover politics, theology, philosophy, aesthetics, and of course Vatican II. Episodes are published on Buzzsprout, YouTube, and Rumble. The YouTube and Rumble videos will be published at a slower rate than on Buzzsprout. 


Episode 1: Introduction of Who We Are

Welcome to the first Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast episode! Join us as we, your hosts, Jeremy Hausotter, Charles Massiatte, and Guillermo Moreno, kick off our new podcast by introducing ourselves and sharing our testimonies and as we share our goals and hopes for our mission at Le Nouvel Esprit!

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Episode 2: Catalyst for Le Nouvel Esprit

In this episode we go into more detail as to the main catalyst for Le Nouvel Esprit! We explain how the idea for LNE was born as a method of apologetics namely against radical traditionalism.

The idea was sparked firstly by Jeremy in his discussions with his friends who were rad trads, and how their points of view ultimately dissented from the Catholic Church, though they claim the opposite to be true, and that they are the true Catholics, adherents to the "Remnant Church." Guillermo, on the other hand, shares his experience with this right-wing dissent from the Church, by being introduced by Jeremy to a rad trad website and their Facebook page, in which Guillermo witnessed firsthand their alt-right paradigm.

Join us as we journey through a brief history of radical traditionalism's godfather organization, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and as we comment on the logic behind their worldview.

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Episode 3: Introduction to Personalism

Welcome to the third episode of the Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast! Join us as we introduce the topic of personalism!

We share about its origins and about its necessity in this day and age, when mainstream culture's view of the human person is drastically far from what God intended it to be. This distortion comes from both the extreme left and the extreme right. Personalism is a defense of the human person against "-isms".

This philosophy, of which many of its thinkers are Christians, proves that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and that God provides ways that we can realize this truth through faith and reason.

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Episode 4: What are the Great Books?

Ever wonder why specific books are assigned in English Language Arts classes, including Animal Farm, A Tale of Two Cities, and Of Mice and Men? Ever heard the names of Virgil, Homer, Plato, and Aristotle, but never really knew who they were or what they did? Join Guillermo and Charles as they delve into the topic of the Great Books! In this fourth episode of the Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast, they go over these texts that are foundational to Western Civilization, how they have withstood the test of time, and how they are related to our mission at Le Nouvel Esprit!

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Episode 5: What is Education?

What is education? This is the question that we address in this new episode of the Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast, especially in light of the necessary I and thou relationship between teachers and students. This is in opposition of the industrial model, composed of an I and it relationship instead of I and thou, and resulting in propaganda. Sadly, this is what we see today. Join us as we delve into this realm and propose various ideas of where to go from here, as well as shedding light on beacons of hope.

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Episode 6: On the Relationship Between Race and Identity Politics

Today we address identity politics on the left. Join us as we address the relationship between identity politics and race, and how leftism does not seek the common good but rather builds on the lie of race to attain political control.

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Episode 7: On Pride Month

Today we address Pride Month in light of June being dedicated not only to the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism, but also, as we shall see, the idolatry of sex and the self. Join us as we critique Pride Month as irreconcilable with Christianity. and as we share ideas of how to address this and related issues as faithful Christians.

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Episode 8: On Faith and Reason

Do faith and reason contradict each other? The Catholic Church proudly proclaims that the opposite is true, that there is a relationship between the two. Join us as we delve into this topic especially with reference to the First Vatican Council during which, historically, the Catholic Church weathered a cultural storm in which the zeitgeist gradually came to idolize reason and the being capable of reason: man.

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Episode 9: Social Media, Is It Worth It?

Social media is an inevitable part of our culture. Do its pros outweigh its cons? If not, then what is the solution, if any?

Join us as we address this hot button issue in today's Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast episode!

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Episode 10: Do Videogames Count As Art?

Join us as we segue from our last episode topic, social media, and refer to video games' unique two-dimensional aspect of social media and entertainment . In this episode, we address the nature of video game communities, what is art, and what is entertainment, to help shed light on this question. We also discuss the role that video games play in contemporary culture.

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Episode. 11: The Peculiar History of the Diocese of Campos

In this episode we invited Ona Kiser and Alessandro Cota of Friends of Campos to discuss the history of Campos as the only diocese in the world that only uses the Traditional Latin Mass. Join us in following its history from Vatican II through the turbulent postconciliar period, the SSPX, and ending with the creation of the Personal Apostolic Administration of St. John Mary Vianney.

How to support Friends of Campos:

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Episode 12: Acoustic Guitars at Mass? What Young People Really Want in the Church

What do young people want from the Church? Is it for the Church to "get with the times?" If yes, how so? And is there a line? If yes, where? And if yes, why?

Join us as we address these pressing issues for Catholics, especially among those who are directly involved in their church communities. These questions revolve not exclusively on the liturgy, but on parish communities and ministries, and on the way of life of Catholics as a whole.

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Episode 13: Film and the Christian Aesthetic Life

Christians wouldn't avoid secular entertainment because it is non-religious, but as anti-Christian propaganda progressively takes over the film industry, how are Christians to respond?

Join us as we share our thoughts to possible responses and solutions to the leftist infiltration of the entertainment industry, by consumers and producers alike.

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The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai
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