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The Anti-Manichean Works


Pages: 390

Ebook: N/A

Paperback: $9.99

Hardcover: $19.99

Delve into the profound and influential writings of Saint Augustine as he confronts and refutes the teachings of the Manicheans in this insightful volume. The Anti-Manichean Works presents a collection of Augustine's significant works where he engages with the Manichean heresy, offering powerful theological arguments and spiritual insights.

Within these pages, readers will encounter Augustine's intellectual and spiritual journey as he critically examines the Manichean beliefs, which posed a significant challenge to early Christianity. Augustine's writings address key topics such as the nature of evil, the existence of God, the problem of free will, and the relationship between body and soul. Through rigorous logical reasoning and a deep understanding of Scripture, Augustine dismantles the Manichean teachings while providing a robust defense of Christian faith and doctrine.

This edition of The Anti-Manichean Works is a faithful reprint of the original text found in the public domain source: Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, series I, volume 4, edited by Philip Schaff. The book has been thoughtfully edited and formatted for modern readers, making it accessible and engaging for scholars, students, and those interested in the development of Christian theology.

Saint Augustine's insights and arguments continue to shape the Christian intellectual tradition, and this volume offers a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of his writings and their relevance to contemporary theological discussions. By exploring Augustine's responses to the Manichean heresy, readers will gain a greater appreciation for his profound theological insights and his commitment to defending the truths of the Christian faith.

Add The Anti-Manichean Works by Saint Augustine to your collection today and embark on a journey of intellectual and spiritual discovery as you engage with one of the greatest minds in Christian history.

This manuscript is not a facsimile print, but a retypesetting by Le Nouvel Esprit to present to the reader a book that is beautiful to look at and read. So you don’t have to worry about whether this volume is a reprint of some shoddy .pdf scan for we understand the importance of how a book looks and feels as it is read.

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