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On the Development of Christian Doctrine

John Henry Newman

Pages: 402

Ebook: N/A

Paperback: $21.99

Hardcover: $31.99

On the Development of Christian Doctrine is St. John Henry Newman's historical analysis of how Christian doctrine developed. He identifies several notes or characteristics that define authentic development from corruption and over the course of his investigation comes a compelling argument for the veracity of the teachings of the Catholic Church. It was in the course of this investigation that led St. John Newman to convert to Catholicism.

Unlike other versions of the book, this edition by Le Nouvel Esprit is a retypesetting of the 1878 edition to present the text in a beautiful style for the contemporary reader. This means that the manuscript is not a printed pdf scan, but is a reworking of the text to make it attractive to the reader.

Among the Sierra Nevada, California by Albert Bierstadt

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