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The Summa Theologiae: Prima Pars, Q. 1-119

Thomas Aquinas

Pages: 512

Ebook: N/A

Paperback: $29.99

Hardcover: N/A

Dive into the rich theological tapestry of St. Thomas Aquinas with The Summa Theologiae, Prima Pars, Q. 1-119. This meticulously translated paperback, translated by the Fathers of the English Dominican Province, unveils the foundational questions of Christian philosophy and theology. This is the first volume of Le Nouvel Esprit's five-volume set of this important work.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Exploration: St. Thomas Aquinas tackles fundamental questions on the nature of God, divine attributes, creation, providence, man, the angels, and more in this insightful work.

Timeless Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the enduring brilliance of Aquinas, a luminary whose fusion of faith and reason has shaped Christian theology for centuries.

Philosophical Depth: The Prima Pars delves into the core tenets of Christian thought, offering profound analyses and reasoned explanations.

Spiritual Legacy: Explore the intellectual and spiritual legacy of St. Thomas Aquinas, a cornerstone of Christian theology whose influence reverberates through the ages.

Whether you're a student of theology, a philosopher, or someone seeking spiritual enlightenment, this paperback edition is a gateway to the enduring wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. Grab your copy now and embark on a journey through the theological foundations that have stood the test of time.

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