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The Summa Theologiae: Tertia Pars, Q. 1-90

Thomas Aquinas

Pages: 480

Ebook: N/A

Paperback: $29.99

Hardcover: N/A

The Summa Theologiae, Tertia Pars, Q. 1-90, contains St. Thomas Aquinas' treatises on the Incarnation, the life of Christ, the sacraments in general, and in particular, baptism, confirmation, the Eucharist, and ends with penance. St. Thomas never finished writing the Summa, which left the last three sacraments unexamined. His students later compiled the Supplementum based on his work which contains a treatment on them. The Supplementum is its own volume.  

The Summa Theologiae is one of the greatest works of Christian theology. In it St. Thomas Aquinas meticulously lays out a framework of Christian theology that spans a wide variety of topics including God, man, the Trinity, Christ, morality, and the sacraments. The Summa has been a source of inspiration for philosophers, theologians, saints, and Popes since the 13th century.  

This book is volume 4 of Le Nouvel Esprit's five volume set of the Summa Theologiae. This edition has reformatted the Summa to strike a balance between affordability and beauty. The translation used is the one by the Fathers of the English Dominican Province.

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