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5/9/2022 Update: Podcast on YouTube

Episodes 3 and 4 of the podcast are now available on YouTube and Rumble.

4/30/2022 Update: Vatican II, Aesthetics and More

Today we publish some website updates and four new articles by Jeremy. 

We have added several of our social media accounts to our subscribe page. There you can find all of our accounts. We have reorganized the top menu and moved some of the social media links to simplify the website design. 

The first article is You are not Worth Talking to: the Tyrannical Reign of the Screen, which is a sort of meditation upon how electronic screens have come to dominate our social lives. You can read it here

Jeremy's next article, What Public Education can be, outlines a noble vision of how we can transform public education by championing classical education, and can be found here

After visiting the National Art Gallery in Washington, D.C., Jeremy provides some thoughts in his Three Principles for Considering Paintings here

Lastly, and importantly, Jeremy addresses the common radical traditionalist objection to Vatican II as being a tree bearing bad fruit. The rebuttal can be found here

04/17/22 Update: New Podcast Episode

Blessed Easter! Today, we have uploaded our fifth podcast episode! Join us as we address the question, 'what is education?' As educators, and from a personalist perspective, we give our insight on the difference between education and propaganda, we go over how a culture of mediocrity has gotten the modern education system to its current state, and we offer ideas of where to go from here. Our podcast episode list can be found here.

03/13/22 Update: New Podcast Episode

Today, we published our fourth podcast episode! Join Guillermo and Charles as they journey through the foundational works of literature known as the Great Books! These include such works by classical poets including Dante Alighieri, the Shakespearean plays, fictional novels including those by Charles Dickens, and treatises on politics including those influential to the founding of the United States. In this podcast episode, our hosts address what the Great Books are, how they are foundational to Western Civilization, how they have withstood the test of time, and how they are related to our mission at Le Nouvel Esprit! Our podcast episode list can be found here.

3/6/2022 Update: Luminous Mysteries

Today we publish Guillermo's article on the Luminous Mysteries wherein he addresses some of the SSPX complaints against them. You can check out the article here

We are also working on expanding our podcast distribution to incorporate video forms of it on YouTube and Rumble. Episode 1 is already up on both platforms now. Episode 2 is in the works. 

02/27/2022 Update: New Podcast Episode

Today we published our third Le Nouvel Esprit Podcast Episode! In this episode, we introduce the topic of personalism and we share about its origins and about its necessity in this day and age, when mainstream culture's view of the human person is drastically far from what God intended it to be. This distortion comes from both the extreme left and the extreme right. Personalism is a defense of the human person against "-isms". Our podcast episode list can be found here.

2/13/2022 Update: New Episode and Husserl

Today we published a new podcast episode. In it we discuss the catalyst for the creation of Le Nouvel Esprit, radical traditionalism and its rejection of Vatican II. Join Guillermo and Jeremy as they discuss radical traditionalism and specifically, the SSPX and its history. Our podcast episode list can be found here

Also published is the next iteration of Jeremy's commentary on the Logical Investigations which can be found here.

1/30/2022 Update: Podcast, Charles, Vatican II, and More

In today's update, we have several new and exciting things. 

First, we have launched a podcast. We have a new page dedicated to it. You can check it out here. Our first episode is live. In it we give an introduction of ourselves and background information about the website. 

Second, we would like to introduce our newest author, Charles Massiatte. Charles is a good friend and exceptionally sharp. Graduate from Harvard, current teacher of Great Books, Charles has a lot of insight to share with our readers. 

Third, Part II of Jeremy's Hermeneutics of Vatican II series has been revised. The single page we had before has been expanded into six. Part II.1 covers the hermeneutic of continuity,  Part II.2 the hermeneutic of discontinuity, Part II.3 the hermeneutic of continuity in regards to the theological notes, Part II.4 addresses the question whether Vatican II is an Ecumenical Council, Part II.5 examines the role of dissent, and Part II.6 presents a final argument concerning Vatican II's continuity and legitimacy and the bibliography. 

Fourth, we have added several other new articles. Chapters 7, 10, and 11 of the Commentary of Husserl's Logical Investigations are now live. Two new articles on aesthetics are up, The Death of the Hero and The Eschatological Dimensions of Art. We have also added more Magisterial documents on Vatican II. 

12/12/2021 Update: Theocratic Propaganda, Dogs, and Modern Art

In today's update we publish Guillermo's next iteration of Theocratic Propaganda. Titled, What Do We Mean by 'Religion'?, it explores what the title suggests. You can read it here

Guillermo has also written a provocative little essay titled Dogs are not People, in which he addresses the troubling phenomenon of confusing animality and personhood with the arrival of concepts such as 'fur-babies'. Animals are pets, but never people nor children. You can read about this strange result of the modern rejection of sexuality here

Lastly, Jeremy has written a short article on aesthetics, titled The Brutalization of Man Through Art. He argues that there are two cultures, with two basic categories of cultural products. One of which has led to the degradation of modern man, a process he calls brutalization. The link is here

10/3/2021 Update: Vatican II, Unprotected, and More

Today is a big update. We published Guillermo's review of the documentary Unprotected, which you can read here. We added two documents by the CDF concerning the ecclesiology of Vatican II. Jeremy has completed Part IV and Part V of his series on Vatican II hermeneutics. Part IV develops some textual hermeneutics within the paradigm that Vatican II is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Part V makes the argument that the two dogmatic constitutions, Lumen Gentium and Dei Verbum, have theological priority for interpreting the documents of the Council. Lastly, Jeremy also wrote a short article on Protestantism that you can read here

We also passed a milestone of hosting 50 different paintings live on our site. We are near a second milestone of publishing 50 written articles. 

8/15/2021 Update: More Husserl

Jeremy's Commentary on Husserl's Logical Investigations, Prolegomena, Chapter 6, is now up. You can check it out here

8/14/2021 Update: Abortion, LGBT, and Traditionis Custodes

With today's update we release some articles on quite controversal subjects. Guillermo has written an article on Pope Francis' Traditionis Custodes which limits the Latin Mass. You can read about it here

We reached out to Ethika Politika and they agreed to allowing us to republish an old article of Jeremy's, called The Unborn Child is Never the Aggressor. Weirdly enough, abortion advocates argue that unborn children are unjust aggressors against their mothers and are compared with attackers wielding switchblades. You can read about this type of argument here

Jeremy has also written an article on Amoris Laetitia's teachings on transgenderism and same-sex unions. In this document, Pope Francis rejects both the core ideology of transgenderism and the validity of same-sex unions. You can read more here

In the near future the next iteration of Husserl will be completed. Jeremy is also working on the next phase in the hermeneutics on Vatican II series. More details forthcoming on our Patreon page. 

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