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2/14/2021 Update

Date Differently: A Review on The Dating Project by Guillermo Moreno has been published! 

A direly needed documentary for our time, The Dating Project offers a critique of the hook-up culture that is parallel if not synonymous with the culture of death. Above all, it also proposes to viewers traditional dating as the solution to the hook-up culture. Following the lives of five singles whose ages range from 18-40, this film engages the questions of love and relationships and answers with a message of truth and hope for members of the dating pool. Family-friendly and faith-friendly, The Dating Project is a must see for all young adults. It is a fitting documentary for both faith-based and secular audiences.

2/7/2021 Update

We have added over twenty documents by the Magisterium on the topic of drugs. You can check them out here

1/23/2021 Update

We have partnered with Defending Vatican II. They share our mission in promoting the authentic teachings of Vatican II and countering various objections raised against the Council.

1/1/2021 Update

Several new and exciting things have occurred. First, we have done a major aesthetic pass on the website. Second, we have done a first pass at mobile optimization, something we had not done previously. Third, we have a brand new custom logo for the website which is very exciting. 


Lastly, we have published a series on marijuana and the Catholic teaching on drug usage. The series is broken up into five parts covering the Church's teaching, the health effects of marijuana, a Catholic theological understanding of drugs and alcohol, Ratzinger's theology of drugs, and the philosophical question as to whether or not one can use drugs to bring about mystical experiences. We also have a corresponding YouTube series. YouTube Playlist URL.

10/3/2020 Update

We have launched a Patreon page! You can support us here: https://www.patreon.com/lenouvelesprit

Secondly, we have launched a series on hermeneutics on Vatican II. Part I focuses on understanding Vatican II as a gift of the Holy Spirit. Part II defends the authority of Vatican II and its continuity with Catholic Tradition. 

Third, the website has received some aesthetic improvements. 

7/27/2020 Commentary on Dignitatis Humanae

There are now four parts to Commentary on Dignitatis Humanae. Part I is an analysis of the text. Part II investigates the historical development of the Church's teachings on religious freedom. Part III analyzes some arguments against Dignitatis Humanae put forth by the SSPX. And Part IV deconstructs the arguments by Marcel Lefebvre against Dignitatis Humanae. 

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- Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

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