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12/12/2021 Update: Theocratic Propaganda, Dogs, and Modern Art

In today's update we publish Guillermo's next iteration of Theocratic Propaganda. Titled, What Do We Mean by 'Religion'?, it explores what the title suggests. You can read it here

Guillermo has also written a provocative little essay titled Dogs are not People, in which he addresses the troubling phenomenon of confusing animality and personhood with the arrival of concepts such as 'fur-babies'. Animals are pets, but never people nor children. You can read about this strange result of the modern rejection of sexuality here

Lastly, Jeremy has written a short article on aesthetics, titled The Brutalization of Man Through Art. He argues that there are two cultures, with two basic categories of cultural products. One of which has led to the degradation of modern man, a process he calls brutalization. The link is here

10/3/2021 Update: Vatican II, Unprotected, and More

Today is a big update. We published Guillermo's reivew of the documentary Unprotected, which you can read here. We added two documents by the CDF concerning the ecclesiology of Vatican II. Jeremy has completed Part IV and Part V of his series on Vatican II hermeneutics. Part IV develops some textual hermeneutics within the paradigm that Vatican II is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Part V makes the argument that the two dogmatic constitutions, Lumen Gentium and Dei Verbum, have theological priority for interpreting the documents of the Council. Lastly, Jeremy also wrote a short article on Protestantism that you can read here

We also passed a milestone of hosting 50 different paintings live on our site. We are near a second milestone of publishing 50 written articles. 

8/15/2021 Update: More Husserl

Jeremy's Commentary on Husserl's Logical Investigations, Prolegomena, Chapter 6, is now up. You can check it out here

8/14/2021 Update: Abortion, LGBT, and Traditionis Custodes

With today's update we release some articles on quite controversal subjects. Guillermo has written an article on Pope Francis' Traditionis Custodes which limits the Latin Mass. You can read about it here

We reached out to Ethika Politika and they agreed to allowing us to republish an old article of Jeremy's, called The Unborn Child is Never the Aggressor. Weirdly enough, abortion advocates argue that unborn children are unjust aggressors against their mothers and are compared with attackers wielding switchblades. You can read about this type of argument here

Jeremy has also written an article on Amoris Laetitia's teachings on transgenderism and same-sex unions. In this document, Pope Francis rejects both the core ideology of transgenderism and the validity of same-sex unions. You can read more here

In the near future the next iteration of Husserl will be completed. Jeremy is also working on the next phase in the hermeneutics on Vatican II series. More details forthcoming on our Patreon page. 

8/1/2021 Update: Husserl and Meditations

It's been a while since we've posted. Summer has been crazy and is finally winding down, and with that new content is being produced again. In today's update is the next iteration of Jeremy's commentary on Husserl's Logical Investigations, found here

Also published is three short meditations on various themes. They are: On Naming Your Child, On Parking Your Car, and On Giving Your Best. The purpose of these short articles is to help apply the Christian life to various aspects of our daily lives and provide some meditative thoughts for inspiration. 

In the near future we will have more articles ready. Two are in editing. We have also reformatted our culture articles section. 

5/25/2021 Update: Husserl and Optimization

Two small updates. 1) We have done some work with optimizing the website for mobile users. 2) The next installment of Jeremy's Commentary on Husserl's Logical Investigations is now up. You can read it here

5/16/2021 Update: Hermeneutics, Husserl, and More

On this day celebrating the Lord's Ascension, we are excited to announce Part III of our series Hermeneutics of Vatican II is now live on the site. This has proved to be a major undertaking, so much so that we had to do a lot of work behind the scenes on the website itself. Part III sprawls about 130 pages in Google Docs, and so we spread it out across nine articles here. 

The basic thesis of Part III is that Vatican II must be interpreted as an enrichment of the Catholic faith. Part III.1 develops this as a hermeneutical principle. Part III.2.1 through Part III.2.6 apply this hermeneutic to several hot button issues on the meaning of the Council's address to modern man, the meanings of dialogue, pastorality,  aggiornamento, ad intra and ad extra, and of course the Spirit of Vatican II. Part III.2.7 describes how once these are all understood why the hermeneutic of ambiguity is a false start. Lastly, Part III.3 describes the relationship between the hermeneutic of faith and the hermeneutic of suspicion and their roles in understanding Vatican II. 

As if this weren't enough, the next two iterations of Jeremy's Commentary on Husserl's Logical Investigations are also live, covering chapters two and three of the Prolegomena. He has also written a short meditation called On Mowing Your Lawn

If you could not tell, Jeremy suddenly had a lot of free time. This meant that he started a page featuring reviews of books on Vatican II. They are short reviews meant to help our readers get a sense of what books are good for developing one's understanding of the Council and what books one ought to avoid. We already have ten books reviewed and plenty more to add. You can check it out here

Three last things to note is that first, due to some of the work behind the scenes, the old URLs for all four parts of our commentary on Dignitatis Humanae and Parts I and  II on Vatican II Hermeneutics have changed. Second, there are some minor formatting issues that will be worked out later this week. Third, the tab names bug mentioned previously has been fixed. 

4/11/2021 Update: Covid and Time Travel

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! Today, we published two articles. The first is Guillermo's analysis on a semipopular interpretation of the Our Lady of Akita messages that COVID is the great chastisement. Such an interpretation is a stretch and Guillermo explains why. You can read the article here.

Second, Jeremy published an article on time travel, arguing that it is impossible to travel into the past because such a view contradicts God's immutability. You can read it here.

Third, several additional Magisterium documents on Vatican II have been added, including most of the Acta Synodalia, speeches by John XXIII, Francis, and Paul VI, and more. Check out here to see what's new. Note that there is a bug that the tabs are all named "Acta Synodalia", which will be resolved once I figure out how to fix this.

3/12/2021 Update: Art Page

We have added a new page featuring all of the art used on our site. You can find it here or under About in the main menu.

3/10/2021 Update: Husserl and Church Documents

Three updates:

1) The website's aesthetic has been updated. Expect some further website changes in the future as we do more updating.

2) The beginning of Jeremy's Commentary on Husserl's Logical Investigations is on the site.

3) The beginning of a new section of Church documents on Vatican II has been created. This involved a reorganization under a new area for all Church documents.

2/14/2021 Update: Review of The Dating Project

Date Differently: A Review on The Dating Project by Guillermo Moreno has been published!

A direly needed documentary for our time, The Dating Project offers a critique of the hook-up culture that is parallel if not synonymous with the culture of death. Above all, it also proposes to viewers traditional dating as the solution to the hook-up culture. Following the lives of five singles whose ages range from 18-40, this film engages the questions of love and relationships and answers with a message of truth and hope for members of the dating pool. Family-friendly and faith-friendly, The Dating Project is a must see for all young adults. It is a fitting documentary for both faith-based and secular audiences.

2/7/2021 Update: Church Documents on Drugs

We have added over twenty documents by the Magisterium on the topic of drugs. You can check them out here.

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